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PDT solution dedicated to the treatment of actinic keratoses

Photodynamic Therapy differently with Textile-PDT


Almost painless for the patient


Patient comfort and mobility


Results equivalent to C-PDT


Ease of use for the practitioner


called Fluxmedicare®

The advantages: there is no burning or heat sensation during the treatment. In addition, because the soft fabric adapts flexibly, the patient can move relatively freely and, for example, read at the same time. Protective equipment, cooling or anesthesia are not necessary, and thanks to the light diffusion technology, a completely homogeneous and targeted treatment of the damaged skin areas is possible.”

Chief Medical Officer Prof. Dr. Rolf-Markus Szeimies

KLINIKUM VEST – Dermatology and Allergy Department (Germany)

Exclusive Textile-PDT light diffusion

to dermatology

in Practice



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